Turo-Turo and Online Market: Essential Problems Established of Purchaser and Retailer


  • Jun-Jun Ricortos Ramos LFG DIAMANTINA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Senior High School Department, Cabatuan Isabela 3315, Philippines


Turo-Turo, Online Market, Problems Established, Purchaser and Retailer.


The purpose of this study is to determine the essential role of the purchaser and retailer among turo-turo and online market. The growth of turo-turo and online market in developing countries can largely be seen as the good and bad results of the functional progress strategy. The researcher used mix method study including the google form and questionnaire, face to face interview for the owner and note taking. The informants used are the owners of the turo-turo and the owners of the materials in the online market world. The data used are primary data. The researcher used SWOT analysis as an effective way to measure the current status of the retailer in barrios hence this proved that creating a buzz in the industry is online popularity though the essence of the product is standard and the spirit of competition is experienced. Most of the turo-turo is traditionally grown and the availability of their product is easily captured in their surroundings. Thus, it is difficult for them to develop optimally due to the limited human resource quality. There are also obstacles in partnership efforts with the fact that the bigger entrepreneurs tend to dominate the decision making in pricing, product quality, as well as the payment system. This essentials problems established by the retailer and purchaser is just normal in the Philippine Market specific in the barrios. This ascertained that Ilokanos in the Philippines is business minded also in just a small kind of their daily living activity.




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